22 November 2017


Thickness Gauge Thick-Scan. Continuous Thickness Measurement avoids waist of raw material and energy. Production of panels which exceed plustolerances results in increase of production cost. This also results in consumption of additional (unneeded) glue and war material while also extending the press time. EWS thickness measuring systems which are located after the hot press help to optimize the process and to reduce the costs while, at the same time, assuring the quality standard.

Early Warning Blow Detection. Blow-Scan. Blow Detection Systems (early warning): automatically detect blows, bursts and unglued areas during the production of wooden composite panels. They send inaudible ultrasound through the panels and can be deployed in harsh production environments, such as dust, steam and high temperatures. The systems are automatically calibrated in the panel gaps. Dirt deposits and temperature drifts are automatically compensated. Blow detection systems (early warning) are preferably used in the production of chipboards, MDF, OSB and plywood panels.
In addition to the blow detection, any changes in the properties of the panels are displayed in a multi-color ultrasound image. Before any blows occur, the operator will be provide with the information to adjust the process parameters in such a way that any blows are avoided. Weight per Unit Area Gauge Mass-Scan-X. Variants, Standard, MultiEnergy: Finding out the unrealized potential through the use of weight per unit area gauges.
One of the most vital factors in the production of wood panels is the constant spreading of material. If tolerances are exceeded, higher material and energy consumption are the consequences. MASS-SCAN X, which constantly moves back and forth across the mat before it enters the hot press, maintains tolerances within the optimum range. The result is homogeneous forming in lengthwise and crosswise directions.
Furthermore, it becomes possible to early correct the imbalance resulting from the incoming material tilting against the belt by using precise area weight measuring.
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