A single daylight short cycle press with 12 pressure cylinders and a specific pressure of 700N/cm² for deep structures.
A single daylight short cycle press with 12 pressure cylinders and a specific pressure of 700N/cm² for deep structures.

21 December 2017

Wemhöner, 92 years of high quality in woodworking machinery

Wemhöner began as a small workshop in Herford in 1925. The company is today in hands of the family’s third generation. The values and principles of our founding generation still apply today, and will continue to do so in the future.

We are determined to remain a reliable family company with a solid financial foundation. We will consistently maintain our commitment to highest quality. The enthusiasm of working with a passion on groundbreaking innovations is a family tradition at Wemhöner – a tradition that drives us and paves the way to the future. Day in, day out, our reliable and cost-effective machines and systems are used for finishing wood products around the world. Our innovative systems are manufactured at two modern production facilities. At our headquarters in Herford, Germany, 310 employees develop and manufacture our entire product portfolio in production facilities with an area of 16,500 square meters, to be enlarged in 2018.
Highest level of expertise in direct lamination: 
Wemhöner short-cycle press lines for melamine direct lamination have played an essential role in the worldwide furniture and laminate flooring industry for over 40 years. We set technological standards with EIR synchronous pore technology in both single and double sided applications. Speed, reliability and efficiency of Wemhöner short-cycle press plants are the basis for the Herford Company’s technological and global market leadership.
Wemhöner 3D Variopress Lines:
Conceived in dialogue with our customers. Manufactured in accordance with highest German quality standards. Installed at our customers’ sites around the world. Day after day, more than 800 Variopress lines laminate three-dimensional components with thermoplastic foils, veneers and other deformable materials. They enable the production of furniture fronts with glossy surfaces, deeply textured designs and curved fronts. Many of these vacuum press lines incorporate the patented VarioPin System and our multifunction frame. Wemhöner 3D Variopress lines stand for the realization of our vision of finishing in the third dimension.
High-quality solutions for surfaces with Digital technology:
Our vision of surface finishing technologies: thinking beyond the surface. We think in terms of system solutions. The finest example of this is our Wemhöner MasterLine product group. It stands for high-quality and cost-effective lines for surface finishing of MDF and chipboard panels or other flat materials. The modular concept of the lacquering, direct printing and digital printing systems enables optimum integration in existing lacquering and production lines. The technology of the future: Bi-directional digital printing enables flexible production processes from a lot size of a single piece, regardless of decor changes. In addition to the technology of digital printing onto sheet materials Wemhöner also offers digital printing on paper, (roll to roll), based on the multi-pass system. The industry-standard equipment design ensures high precision prints. Production capacity ranges from 100 to 1,000 m²/h at 600x600 dpi, depending on the equipment in question. The modular designed Wemhöner controller is upgradeable to higher capacities. High-tech for single and multi-colored patterns using the direct printing method: Wemhöner MasterPrinteris a highly innovative and powerful printing machine for shaping wood and fantasy decors using the "indirect gravure process".
The system is designed to achieve optimum print results for working widths up to 2,600mm. Variable repeat lengths. Single and multi-color printing in perfection. For more information contact Mr Detlef Hanel:

Planck Strasse 7 D-32052 HERFORD / Germany / Ph. +49 5221 770244 / E-mail: detlef.hanel@wemhoener.de