From left: Stefano Porcellini/Biesse CEO, Federico Broccoli/Director Wood Division of Biesse, Giuseppe La Commare/Managing Director Accenture. Photo Datalignum
From left: Stefano Porcellini/Biesse CEO, Federico Broccoli/Director Wood Division of Biesse, Giuseppe La Commare/Managing Director Accenture. Photo Datalignum

20 October 2017

SOPHIA, Biesse's cyber-physical assistance system

Yesterday Open House started at Biesse in Pesaro/italy, and the important topic was the "Sophia Project" for which Biesse Executives Management held a conference, for this we publish a short text.

“Bringing innovation to the customer care system. This is the ambitious goal with which Biesse faces today's market. The company's desire is to go beyond the customary, to do more than simply sell a machine or a system, but rather to facilitate a complete experience that generates value for our customers," says Stefano Porcellini, CEO of the Group. The vision remains the same, but day after day, it becomes increasingly concrete and tangible: Thinkforward, creating innovation through integrated solutions that are sophisticated but easy to use, allowing you to produce more, better, and at a lower cost.

A philosophy that fits perfectly into the revolution that characterises the modern era, driving forwards towards the creation of Industry 4.0, the growing trend for industrial automation that integrates new production technologies in order to improve working conditions and increase plant productivity. And within this vision comes SOPHIA, the IoT platform by Biesse, developed in collaboration with Accenture, which enables its customers to access a wide range of services to streamline and rationalize their work management processes. Based on the connection to a Cloud service, as used on Biesse machines, this system allows operators to send real-time information and data on the technologies in use, optimizing the performance and productivity of machines and systems. The information detected enables the machine functions to be analyzed in detail, detecting malfunctions, assisting customers in maintenance operations, and ultimately preventing faults. Among the features available is the possibility to upgrade the software in a single click, offering customers the benefits of machines that are always "updated". Furthermore, the direct connection with Parts, the Biesse replacement parts portal, makes managing replacement parts simpler and more efficient. The key value of Sophia is its predictive nature: the ability to anticipate issues and identify solutions to resolve these, thus reducing downtime. Biesse takes proactive steps to contact the customer before a problem can manifest, reducing inefficient wasted time. But Sophia goes far beyond this. This solution is inspired by Biesse's desire to accompany its customers through a process of growth that enables the optimization of all major assets - technological, strategic, organizational and human. Reductions in production times, lower costs, no machine downtime, optimized production process, increased productivity, superior quality of daily work (thanks to tools that facilitate and speed up all operations and interactions with Biesse): these are just some of the benefits that Sophia can offer, and the advantages associated with this technology are only set to grow, in view of the ambitious platform development plans that the company has for the coming years. The Sophia project was realized in collaboration with Accenture, based on the connection of a sample of some of the main machines used by customers, from the Rover range.

The pilot project produced great results, and was completed within the planned timescale. The connection was then implemented on other types of machine, and will cover the entire Biesse and Intermac range by May 2018. To date, Sophia is available in Europe, and by the end of the year, the system will also be available in America and Canada, before being extended to the rest of the world in 2018 .

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