MAXIMER UKRAINE is the official representative of EXPAD Inc.Canada

25 September 2017

MAXIMER UKRAINE is the official representative of EXPAD Inc.Canada

MAXIMER LLC entered production of SKYWOOD sawmill equipment using the technology of EXPAD Inc., Canada, in the territory of Ukraine at the end of 2016.

SKYWOOD rigs and equipment are manufactured of import components, which are recommended by EXAPD Inc. Experienced and highly skilled specialists who passed training and certification at EXPAD In., Canada, work for our company. We propose wood cutters and associated equipment of intra-ship mechanization of nearby equipment, as well as integrated sawmill lines selected on an individual basis, upon the customer’s request. These rigs are designed for rip sawing logs, processing flitch and producing edged lumb. Our company carries out installation and commissioning, as well as warranty and post-warranty maintenance of SKYWOOD equipment, including spare parts delivery.
The SD-400 blade cutter is designed for rip sawing logs with a diameter of 100 to 400 mm into two-edged cants and unedged boards. The SD-400 rig is used as the first rig in pallet manufacture, as well as other high capacity woodworking facilities (100-150 m3 of round timber per shift).
The rig is designed for cutting logs into unedged sections with the accuracy of 0.5 mm in one stroke and with good surface quality. The rig design allows cutting in the center of the log. To remove cuttings efficiently, the rig is equipped with a belt transporter at the bottom.
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