QUICKWOOD AT XYLEXPO, 8-12 May 2018. HALL 1 P22.

07 May 2018

QUICKWOOD AT XYLEXPO, 8-12 May 2018. HALL 1 P22.

We are specialize in the design and manufacturing of Brushing machines suitable for sanding and smoothing different types of materials.

The finishing system is based on brushes with Flexible abrasive cloth that achieve a perfect sanding of the wood, metal and other materials.
We produce standard or customized abrasive solutions according to the specific machine process as requested by the customer.
With our system you will be able to see the following advantages:
- Continuous, constant and automatic processing cycle.
- Certainty of timing and cost of sanding.
- Reduction of the amount of paint applied on the parts.
- Less release of pollutants in the form of dust.
For more information:

Via della Tecnologia 6
I-33050 PAVIA di UDINE / Italy
Ph.+39 0432 655285
E-mail: qw@quickwood.it