Bulmor Austria, sideloaders engineering

19 June 2017

Bulmor Austria, sideloaders engineering

Founded as Schöberl & Söhne Motoren und Maschinenfabrik in 1879, the company first built fork lift trucks in the 1960s and later specialised in the production of JUMBO sideloaders in the 1980s.

By integrating technology and experience from the sideloader-pioneers JUMBO, IRION, LANCER and German SHS, BULMOR is the only company to manufacture customer specific sideloaders as well as multidirectional sideloaders with about 40 years of know-how. Today, BULMOR is one of the strongest brands in the sector. BULMOR industries GmbH is the specialist for sideloaders and multidirectional sideloaders.
BULMOR industries is the perfect partner for Trucks and Earth Moving equipment Dealers or for companies who are looking for an efficient handling of long, heavy and large material - in the most various industries and sectors, being it timber, steel, building materials and synthetics. BULMOR is constructing and producing machines to special customer specifications at its Austrian headquarters.
The side-loaders and multidirectional sideloaders captivate by innovation, highest customer value, durability and fast availability and optimize productivity. For more information:

Bulmor industries GmbH
Kickenau 1 
A-4320 Perg / Austria
Ph. +43 7262 58397
E-Mail: info@bulmor.com