EMC Italy, center for multidirectional superfinishing & surface treatment.

12 June 2017

EMC Italy, center for multidirectional superfinishing & surface treatment.

EMC was founded in 1999 in Monterenzio (Bologna) and started its works in a small shed of 260 m2. It though had solid foundations in the 30-year experience of its founders, who formed at world leading companies in the sector of woodworking machines.

In 2002, EMC moved to Imola and set up a new plant of 780 m2. With years passing, EMC has grown rapidly, and experience has been integrated with the work of young engineers and technicians who have contributed essential knowledge on new technologies. The product range has been widely expanded and, in addition to the machines for the small and medium sized industry, in 2005 EMC designed the top range for big companies. In December 2006, EMC moved to the new plant of 2300 m2, which became necessary as a consequence of the dramatic increase in orders.
EMC has again proved to be a very dynamic company with many different projects being considered and carried out. The main goal of EMC is to increase performance while reducing the prices of the machines in its range. In line with this objective, EMC is developing a new product range based on the application of innovative technologies and a strong product engineering. Our Patents: 1- Patent n° BO20141000392 REVO.
Versatile working machining center for multidirectional superfinishing, for surface treatment. 2- Patent n° BO2012A000364 G13. Machining center for metal and non-metal material surface treatment.
During the exhibition of Ligna 2017, EMC has proven to be flexible and aggressive in every market.
For more information contact Mr Ivano Coveri, Sales Manager:
Via Brodolini 23
I-40026 Imola / Bologna / Italy
Ph. +39 0542 688034
E-mail: emc@emc.-italia.it