Piveteau Scierie signs sales contract for CT Log Scanner Microtec at Ligna.

05 June 2017

Piveteau Scierie signs sales contract for CT Log Scanner Microtec at Ligna.

The French sawmilling company decided to upgrade its log yard with a Microtec CT Log Industrial Computed Tomography Scanner and signed the official sales contract at the Microtec booth at Ligna. Piveteau Scierie with its production site based in Sainte Florence and long-term customer of Microtec decided to acquire a CT Log Scanner for its log yard to improve their production capacity and increase the value of their logs.

The plant is already equipped with some Microtec solutions such as Winlog software for the log sorting at the log yard, and a transversal scanner for recognizing wane and dimensional irregularities in transverse feeding as well as a Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner with X-ray for lumber quality grading and chop optimization.
“We are very proud that Piveteau company once again relies on us to improve their production site. It is a sign of the customer’s satisfaction with our previous collaborations and his trust in our work, which is, after all, our primary goal,” said Federico Giudiceandrea, Microtec CEO.
Next to Swedish company Norra Group, is the second customer this year to invest in a CT Log Scanner.
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