01 June 2017


Ligna Hanover,23rd May 2017.
The Biesse Group closing 2016 with a turnover of 618.5 million Euro, up 19,1% on 2015. With EBITDA 75.8. EBIT 56.3 and a net profit of 59.6 million Euro.

“Think forward is all about Biesse's ability to innovate, to provide integrated solutions that are complex but easy to use, allowing us to produce more, better, at a lower cost. It encourages us to keep looking ahead, to get a better feel for how we need to act today" stated Raphaël Prati, marketing and communication director for Biesse Group. “Think forward was also the concept for our stand at Ligna, 5,000 square metres of innovation and technology where visitors will experience how the digital factory can change the way we perceive and produce things".
Over 40 fully functional solutions will be on display targeting all manufacturers, from large companies with significant production, to companies that need to produce thousands of unique products, each designed for the personalised needs of a given customer, to small companies, who often focus on artisanship. Thanks to Biesse's 4.0 ready solutions these companies can become full fledged “smart factories”. Important innovations designed for the emerging wood construction sector will also be presented, part of our rich range of technological solutions and turnkey projects for the production of doors, windows, beams and wall panels: on display in a dedicated stand at pavilion 13 as well as in the main stand. Specifically, 2 of the innovative Uniteam machining centres will be on display. The range is dedicated to machining operations for solid and laminated wood beams and offers the best performance on the market. The Uniteam CK will be on display. Specially designed for the machining of complex architectural elements for civil engineering, swimming pool covers, sport centres, etc., the Uniteam CK is capable of machining beams with cross-sections of up to 1000x300 mm and lengths of up to 14 metres. Beside it will be the Uniteam E MIX, a machining centre that specialises in cutting X-Lam panels up to 300 mm thick.
The machine's size ranges from a minimum length of 12 metres up to 40 metres and can be configured for pendular work as well. Uniteam machining centres can rapidly carry out all the most common cuts in the sector including mortice and tenon, strut, half lap joint, profile, dovetail joint, etc. The CAD/CAM software used by Uniteam machines can interface with all CAD software for architectural design (BTL import) currently available on the market, for a smooth transition from design to production. Biesse demonstrates that is willing to invest in the housing sector by presenting an area dedicated to doors and windows at stand 11. The exhibit will include: several products produced by Biesse's customers; the proven Rover technology specially equipped for doors and windows; and the new WinLine 16, a new multi-centre dedicated to artisans and small companies aiming to increase production as well as medium and large industries producing small, non-standard size batches or remakes. WinLine 16 produces standard and special linear frames, including arches, with the utmost simplicity, leaving the operator free to deal with other tasks.
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