20 July 2018


The growing demand for glossy painted tops panels than using old solid wood panels with beveled profile is marking the trend of the past few years the market: stylists and designers compete every day in the creation of new models of furniture inside, acts to please the eye of the most demanding customers. In this context of continuous change in the mode that the Quickwood Esperia Srl has always placed his vocation, following what are the trends of the moment thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of the design and construction sector.

More and more manufacturers are turning every day to Quickwood Esperia Srl with the request to improve the quality of its finished products through a more careful preparation of the surfaces as well as to increase production capacity at plants accompanied by a steady reduction in operating costs. The proposal Quickwood in the field of automatic polishing glossy panels finds its highest expression in the Automatic Working Center PRO 1400 Power QRC act to polishing and polishing continuously elements, with working capacity of up to 4 square meters per minute. The Standard line consists of PRO machine for polishing.
Working width 1350 mm. thanks to a carousel with 8 large brushes 500 long x 400 mm diameter ; control panel and color touch screen display 12" with the central control unit of PLC for the management and the programming of:
-work pressure, -carousel speed, -brush speed, -advance speed, -distribution of abrasive paste.
Vacuum the carpet with electronic control in one’s working clothes the pieces.
Tensioning and centering of the pneumatic carpet. QRC machine for bright, with 9 rotating pads arranged in two rows on swinging carousel right-left, of the control panel and color touch screen display 12 ", the central control unit of PLC for the control and the programming of.
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