The Cube Plus is Weinig attraction at Ligna.
The Cube Plus is Weinig attraction at Ligna.

15 May 2017

WEINIG AT LIGNA, Hall 27 aisle D40.

The Weinig Group will present 40 machines live at its stand in Hall 27. And one of them will soon be winging its way to a lucky customer's premises free of charge. The machine in question is a latest generation Cube Plus.

The winner of the compact four-sider will be determined via a prize draw. The spectacular competition is a tribute from the world market leader in solid wood and panel processing to its customers. “A thank you for the loyalty demonstrated to us by record incoming orders in 2016,” says Gregor Baumbusch, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “The Cube is a machine that all solid wood processors need,” says Klaus Müller, Head of Marketing and Communication.
Many customers use the compact four-sider, also known as the “magic Cube” due to its shape and qualities, sporadically for quick orders. For others, it represents an entry into automated four-sided solid wood processing. Thanks to the Cube’s intuitive operation, planing is simpler than ever and ten times faster than using a traditional jointer and thickness planer. “There is no other comparable machine in this performance category,” underlines Klaus Müller.
Even for panel specialists who process solid wood as a sideline, the Cube is an interesting addition to their equipment. Since its launch in 2011, the Cube has successfully established itself worldwide. It has quickly become indispensable for many woodworking professionals and achieved cult status. Consequently, more and more customers are taking advantage of the available customization option. One recent customer, for example, had their machine painted with a graffiti design. The four-sider will play a particularly prominent role at LIGNA. The Cube Plus provided for the prize draw will be wrapped in a red ribbon.
Tickets for the competition will be available at the “Winner’s Point” for those who wish to participate. They can only be entered in the draw at the trade fair. Shortly after LIGNA, Weinig will announce the name of the customer for whom the four-sider's advertising slogan “CUBEing pays. It’s magic!” has become a reality. For more information contact Mr Klaus Mueller:

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