The Cleaning Plants Instalmec, installed in Kronospan Poland.
The Cleaning Plants Instalmec, installed in Kronospan Poland.

02 May 2017

INSTALMEC AT LIGNA, Hall 26 Booth A76, presents Cleaning Plants for recycled wood

Instalmec has recently supplied some cutting-edge Recycled Wood Cleaning Lines to the nr 1 world panel producer Kronospan for its strategic particleboard Plants located in Spain, France and Poland.

Indeed Instalmec Wood Cleaning Lines allow to produce round the clock top quality panels containing 80-100% recycled wood, thus drastically decreasing the purchasing costs of virgin wood, which is constantly getting rarer and more expensive. In this way, companies that install these systems have tremendous savings, settle at a higher level than the competitors, and increase substantially their profits. During the years the machines composing the Line have been improved and tuned so as to produce a wood whose final quality is even better than virgin wood. Instalmec Plant: - runs fully automatically, does not need personnel, and it is conceived to reduce wear to the minimum, - has got a much higher efficiency compared to other systems on the market, so it has been appreciated and installed by the main panel producer Groups in Europe with great satisfaction and exceptional return on investment.

The “Smart Dryer” In the last year a 75 t/h Dryer for wood chips has been designed, produced, installed and put into operation in Spain by Instalmec. Such system is one of the most technologically advanced dryers in the world, and it has been named the “Smart dryer” because of: - its friendly operation, - its automatic extraction systems of unburnt substances installed in two points of the plant which relieve the personnel from the heavy operations of removal of silica, - an extremely clever drying process that forces coarser material to stay longer in the dryer and lighter particles to move on quicker, thanks to a special internal design and intelligent features in the drum. To the benefit of the production process of the panel in the press, - it strongly reduces the probability of fire occurrence, - presence of Low Pressure Drop cyclones which offer a series of terrific advantages: more compact than the traditional ones, wear-free, and little energy consumption, - partial recovery of the emission air, - cleanliness to be done just once every 3 months, like the outlet of the cyclones and the manifolds - instead of twice a month. FIBRE Post dryer Gluing system for fiber Instalmec offers the market a gluing system for fibre which differs from most of the competitors’ systems. The peculiarity of Instalmec system is that is it installed after the dryer, and this provides a series of tremendous advantages: - 15 to 25% reduction of glue used in the panels, as the glue is not forced to go through a dryer and therefore does not evaporate, - a finer blending of fibre & glue thanks to special glue nozzles who finely atomize the glue, - higher mechanical properties of MDF panels: the glue is kept unaltered as its temperature is kept below 60C°, - little maintenance service as the system is auto-cleaning, - more environmentally respectful since formaldehyde is not released in atmosphere as temperature is kept below 60C°. High Efficiency MDF Cleaner This system has been conceived to improve the final quality of the surface of the MDF panels, by raising their aesthetic and mechanic features, making their value higher which means more interesting economic returns for the panels Producers.

This Cleaner gets rid of lumps of glue, fibre and various contaminants coming from the upstream machines by means of two gravimetric separators which operate by means of air. This Cleaner has been installed with great success in the main panel producer Groups in Europe. Instalmec continuously works together with its clients to improve, face and anticipate new market needs. Instalmec exhibit at Ligna, Hall 26 Booth A76.
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