LAMBION ENERGY, innovations for biomass plants

10 November 2016

LAMBION ENERGY, innovations for biomass plants

Heinrich Lambion was a man of great inventive talent. From 1885 to 1905 he worked as an engineer and co-owner of the Russian boiler factory “Altvater & Son” in Moscow. In 1906 he came up with a far-reaching invention. He designed a mechanical feed unit for wood chip combustion. With this discovery, he had created the system that still serves as the basis for all biomass power plants working with combustion technology.
Lambion began to put his invention to use in 1917 when he founded the A. Lambion Engineering Works together with his son Alfred in Bad Arolsen, Germany. Since this time, countless custom designed and produced combustion facilities have been built at this location.

The Lambion Idea: Getting Energy from Biological Residues and Waste Heinrich Lambion did not only pass on his technical knowledge to succeeding generations, but also his inventive spirit. With the father’s invention, the idea of “producing energy from otherwise useless biological waste” had been established. And the idea worked. Energy production from biogenic materials was highly successful, and the Lambion company developed into one of most important manufacturers of biomass combustion and feeding systems. Unceasing efforts to try out new biological fuels such as nut shells or grain husks and analyze combustion techniques have yielded ever better results.
From generation to generation Lambion improved the technology with a growing range of fuels. Based on this persistent search for knowledge and development of new techniques, today it is possible not only to convert wood chippings into useful energy, but also an exceedingly diverse range of solid biological materials using sophisticated techniques to obtain energy both economically and ecologically.
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