The Hymmen Jupiter Digital Printing Lines.
The Hymmen Jupiter Digital Printing Lines.

07 November 2016

HYMMEN, Single Pass Industrial Digital Printing=Continuous Innovation

On the INPRINT 2016 in Milan, already for the third time specialists in industrial digital printing present their latest developments. Hymmen welcomes you on booth F21 with eye catching samples. These come from the 32 Hymmen JUPITER Digital Printing Lines in real production– single pass either roll to roll or on board material.

Industrial Digital printing is a never ending developing process. We are always aiming to meet the special customer needs that occur when integrating the Industrial Digital Printing Line into the customer´s whole production process. Therefore we speak of “continuous innovation” “, points out Dr. René Pankoke, CEO and president of Hymmen GmbH Maschinen- und Anlagenbau.
So the process know-how of Hymmen is what makes the difference to stand – alone solutions. On top of these customer-specific developments Hymmen puts its R&D-effort on new applications of the Industrial Digital Printing Technology. From the close interaction with the customers Hymmen early realized the needs for a special Digital Printing Line for edge banding material (picture 1). Already 2 of that kind are sold. Hymmen mastered the technical challenge to cope with the special features of the substrate: The material is transported on a curved band. The JUPITER model JPT-WS offers special features like seamless printing, short downtimes, no loss of material when changing the décor, the exact fit to the décor of flooring or furniture parts that are digitally printed on and the reliable reproduction as often as needed. And last but not least the JPT-WS is available in two production widths: 230 and 560 cm. The JPT-WS can be integrated inline into an existing production line with extruder and liquid coating parts. Or it is available as offline version. This is an extra-line roll to roll that also contains an unwinding and a winding station. All lines are very compact and don´t need too much place in the production site. At the Hymmen booth you can see pictures of this latest developed model of the Hymmen JUPITER Digital Printing Line series. Additionally you can watch films of other lines in their real production surroundings. There are 7 models altogether. All Lines print single pass with a feed speed of up to 50 m/min and with an optical resolution of more than 1.000 dpi. The standard color system comprises CMYK plus white. But there are also extra colors in use. Up to 320 print-heads can be installed. Hymmen uses different UV-curing inks for different applications and substrates in their Digital Printing Lines. These proved to work very well in industrial context and make sure that the lines work safe and reliably in three-shift operation. The printing width reaches from 230 to 2.100 mm.
The products which arise from this are for example laminate (CPL/HPL), laminate PR_INPRINT 2016.
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