21 May 2016


Thanks to its long manufacturing experience and technical expertise, Pagnoni Impianti can design and manufacture complete lines for the primary woodworking industry and furniture industry. Among its products, Pagnoni Impianti offers pressing lines for the production of any wood based panel such as MDF, Particle Board, OSB, Plywood, Hardboard, Cement-Bonded Particleboard and Low Density Boards.

Pagnoni also supplies Short Cycle Lamination lines for panel overlaying with melamine papers, multi and single opening lines for panel overlaying with phenolic films, as well as complete lines for the production of thin HPL panels and compact, tailored specifically to customer requirements. At Xylexpo 2016 Pagnoni presents “Quickline” a newly developed press line for HPL panels and compact boards production, specially designed to allow, with a small investment, a great flexibility in the production of small orders.
The outstanding features of Quickline: - Press line for HPL production with hot/cold cycle - New concept for build-up and stripping of books, with a drastic reduction of personnel and finishing plates investment - Extremely fast pressing cycle in the range of approx. 25 min. including heating, maintenance and cooling phases - Few finishing plates - High-performance and innovative line with great flexibility - Lower investment compared to the traditional HPL lines. Quickline is designed with a single area, where the simultaneous stripping and build-up of the paper books is possible, thus reducing the number of operators to 2 only.
The finishing press plate are not moved from one area to another but only lifted up to allow the extraction of pressed laminates from the press and the feeding of paper books to start the new cycle. The working cycle can be completed in 25 minutes, involving two operators always staying at the same side of the line. Thanks to a properly calculated thermal plant and to a special plate drilling design, the Quickline press can reach the same output capacity of a traditional HPL press with fewer openings. Quickline, with only 4-openings and 3 finishing plates per opening, can produce 16 laminates per pressing cycle, i.e. about 1000 laminates per day (3 working shifts a day for standard production of 0,8mm) This capacity is comparable to that of a traditional mid-size press with a cycle of 60 minutes, but with the advantage of having only 24 finishing plates, so less than half of a traditional press, which means a great saving in terms of investment cost. Quickline is particularly suitable for the production of thick compact as well, where only 2 finishing press plates for each opening are needed, but even in this case the fast thermal cycle allows important production. Furthermore, Pagnoni Impianti proposes its great know how and competence in manufacturing hydraulic presses to all those companies interested in revamping their existing production plants, in need to update or upgrade their systems by means of experienced engineering service team and the supply of new parts such as hydraulic units, press platens milled and planed with state of the-art European machineries and new concept eco-friendly heating system for thermal-oil able to reduce the energy consumption and the pressing time.
Pagnoni Impianti provides also a complete assistance for the installation of the lines including erection, start-up, commissioning and personnel training.
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