Alberti Engineering Italy, continue the development of know-how.

15 December 2016

Alberti Engineering Italy, continue the development of know-how.

Continue the development of know-how of a historic company of mechanical industry, in particular in thefield of the numerical control equipment used in the process of woodwork. Alberti Engineering put a disposal of their customers a specialized market and service-assistance network structure.

Alberti Engineering products are mainly used by factories and craftsmens operating in the furniture, door and windows field.
Dedicated equipments are also foreseen for user requiring specific working operations on plastic and light metal. The technical department staff uses updated system based on CAD3D. The daily engagements is dedicated to the research and projecting of updated solutions which must be in line with the quality and standard production performances required by our user. Our customers are offered dedicated solutions to execute dust extraction operations as well as "tool" insertion. Alberti Engineering plan and manufacture systems to be coupled to operating machines and automatically execute loading, moving, stocking and unloading of panels creating completely robotic installation lines.
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