Wemhöner, short cycle press at Egger UK
Wemhöner, short cycle press at Egger UK

02 July 2018


If you produce panels, furniture, kitchen-doors with membrane presses or laminate-flooring, you have to go at Wemhöner’s Open House, where you will learn about the latest technology innovations.

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For more information & to announce your presence, contact Mrs Kerstin Fasse, Assistant CEO:
WEMHÖNER Surface Technologies GmbH & Co.KG
Planckstrasse 7
D-32052 HERFORD / Germany
Ph. Direct +49 5221 770210
Ph. Switchboard +49 5221 7702
E-mail: kerstin.fasse@wemhoener.de

21 December 2016
The Wemhöner company is in the third generation of family ownership. Since its foundation in Herford Wemhöner has developed into a leading, internationally operating manufacturer of highly innovative machinery and systems, primarily for value added panel processing. Today, the values of the founding generation are still held dear: We are solid and reliable, consistently focused on quality – and we are passionate about crafting trailblazing innovations.

Wemhöner produces machines and systems for upgrading of wood based panels. Our product portfolio ranges from short-cycle press systems to 3D membrane and vacuum pressing lines. Our product range includes digital and direct printing systems, lacquering lines, lightweight panel systems, throughfeed press lines, special plants and special press lines. Wemhöner is the world leader for short-cycle press lines and 3D VARIOPRESS® equipment. We place great emphasis on jointly formulating innovative processes. In the Wemhöner centre for research and development our engineers are conducting experiments in close cooperation with our customers, leading universities and world-class suppliers. This enables us to significantly contribute to the development of technological trends and developments. Our innovations are distinguished by the numerous patents they carry. Wemhöner is at home all over the world. We produce in two locations; in Germany at our headquarters in Herford and, since 2007, at our manufacturing plant in Changzhou near Shanghai, China. This is the logical step in the development of our success in Southeast Asia and a milestone for the continuous advancement of our international positioning. Wherever Wemhöner is active for its international customers: We are partners for our customers on site. Through mutual consultation we develop innovative, customized solutions for your individual requirements.
Wemhöner production in Changzhou/China:
- Since 2007 Wemhöner 3D Eagle membrane presses. - Since 2009 Wemhöner short-cycle press lines - Since 2009 Wemhöner throughfeed press systems - Since 2013 Wemhöner PV VarioLam equipment.
One the latest press lines installed in the world is at Egger in Hexham/UK with Upgrading of wood-based panels primarily with melamine resin impregnated papers and décors in direct lamination process for MFC (Melamine faced Chipboard) for furniture and many applications.
Technical data:
• Capacity: up to 200 cycles/h.
• Specific pressure: 600 N/cm².
• Press dimension: 5,700 x 2,200 mm.
• Application: single and double sided.
• Operation mode: with and without EIR.