15 May 2017


In the form of its Contact Drum Adjustment and Automatic Belt Oscillation retrofit packages, Steinemann Technology presents. While the contact drum adjustment function per-mits precision positioning of the contact drum within hundredths of a millimeter at the push of a button, the automatic belt oscillation feature accelerates belt changes and simultaneously ensures optimised belt tracking. Both options give the sanding cus-tomers of Steinemann Technology additional possibilities for achieving even better results in panel production with the market-leading Satos.

"Working in close cooperation with customers around the world, our experts are committed to achieving ever-greater perfection in the sanding process. Our customers are accustomed to being able to optimally cover the constantly growing demands of the market, thanks to permanent innovation, thereby maintaining a lead over their competitors. The two options for our Satos that we will be presenting here at LIGNA 2017, in line with our exhibition motto 'Total Surface Quality', fit in perfectly with this tradition. Needless to say, the same also ap-plies to all the other options we offer for the Satos," explains Markus Müller, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Steinemann Technology in St. Gallen. Greater operator convenience, reduced operating costs and even more perfect surfaces – those are the three essential benefits of the Automatic Belt Oscillation retrofit package. By performing the necessary settings automatically, the belt oscillation function eliminates the need for manual intervention during operation. In addition to which, it halves the amount of compressed air required in the sanding process, which means substantial cost savings. Above all, however, the optimised utilisation of the sanding belt, the constant, homogeneous oscillation and the individually adjustable oscillation parameters permit a further increase in sanding quality. STEINEMANN TECHNOLOGY AG ISO 9001 Schoretshuebstrasse 24 / POB 461 9015 St. Gallen / Switzerland The Contact Drum Adjustment upgrade gives Steinemann customers additional operator convenience and thus even more efficient workflows. The new contact-drum bearing and the stepping motor belonging to the retrofit package are installed in the Satos, the position dis-play being integrated in the existing control panel. Beyond this, the control software is also upgraded at the same time. The contact drum can subsequently be adjusted or positioned within hundredths of a millimeter at the simple push of a button. Both retrofit packages are available either as options for new Satos machines, or as retrofits for machines already installed by customers. About Steinemann Technology AG Steinemann is a globally committed technology company with headquarters in St. Gallen / Switzerland and subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Brazil, Russia and the USA. Operating around the world under the name Steinemann Technology AG, the Mechanical Engineering business unit of the Stürm Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative sanding systems for customers in the wood panel industry, as well as varnishing systems for finishing print products. Steinemann exports 98 percent of its products.

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