The Wemhöner 3D Variopress with a Variopin.
The Wemhöner 3D Variopress with a Variopin.

02 July 2018


If you produce panels, furniture, kitchen-doors with membrane presses or laminate-flooring, you have to go at Wemhöner’s Open House, where you will learn about the latest technology innovations. Datalignum recommends it! For more information & to announce your presence, contact Mrs Kerstin Fasse, Assistant CEO: WEMHÖNER Surface Technologies GmbH & Co.KG Planckstrasse 7 D-32052 HERFORD / Germany Ph. Direct +49 5221 770210 Ph. Switchboard +49 5221 7702 E-mail: 4 September 2012 The internet supplier Emotion has invested into a completely new production, on a Greenfield site. The location is in the far north of Germany, Bremen. Emotion Warenhandels Ltd. - a company operating throughout Europe - is an online retailer which produces and sales favourable, modern bathroom furniture in the medium-price segment. The furniture from Bremen all have melamine surfaces and 3D surfaces on the basis of high-quality thermoplastic foils. In the past the furniture were produced in China – now the action is in Bremen.
The pioneers of this project are the Managing Director Keywan Salehi and his longstanding partner Klaus Entelmann, who were enabled to find the necessary further partners through their first place in the competition for Bremen’s Founder’s Prize in 2011. The ideas for the development of an own production matured since the year 2008. In the past years the company Emotion reached a 10-fold increase of their turnover. Keywan Salehi found the premises in the industrial estate “Hansalinie” in Bremen-Hemelingen. Start of production was on the 1st April 2012. The total project investment amounted to approx. 4 million Euros.
Markus Jeske (COO) was also a man of the first hour. He was responsible for ordering the German production lines (Holzma, Brandt, Weeke, Venjakob and Wemhöner) up to their installation and start-up in the new halls.
In the months April and May, Jeske produced around 1.500 bathroom furniture each. The raw materials are MDF in 16 mm, PVC foils with a thickness of 0,35 to 0,5 mm in matt and high-gloss as well as PUR from Henkel (Dorus), which means a very manageable supply chain.
In the first development stage the 3D production at Emotion consists of a Wemhöner 3D Variopress with a Variopin tray together with a turnover device for the fast cut-to-size of the furniture components. “We can increase the capacity of the 3D line at any time refitting a second or third tray”, explained Markus Jeschke. At Emotion, the usable chamber height is designed for 200 mm to allow for higher workpieces such as curved furniture components for example.
Charging of the motorically movable tray carriage takes place manually. Lay-up patterns are dispensable because the Variopin system recognises the charge of the infeed carriage automatically and switches the square pins on the tray carriage accordingly. The foil used – matt or high-gloss – are the determining factor beside the kind of pressing: with or without membrane. The line in Hemelingen works with a moulding pressure of up to 6 bar. As far as the personnel is concerned, Emotion also places emphasis to sustainability and consistency: 47 employees. 0 temporary workers.
With the new production line Emotion now has the control over the entire supply chain. The slogan “Made in Germany” has a great significance for the makers of Emotion. And this applies not only to the furniture which are produced proudly, but also to all machines on which they are manufactured. For more information, give look at