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Barbara Manzin, General Secretary, at Xylexpo Fair 2022 Milan.
Barbara Manzin, General Secretary, at Xylexpo Fair 2022 Milan.

11 November 2022


Schmalz: change suction cups with more speed & flexibility with new adapter. Schmalz has developed a new adapter for vacuum blocks: Thanks to the AP-S4, VCBL-B-series vacuum blocks can also now be used on CNC machining centers with the TVN system from SCM/Morbidelli. This addition to the product range gives the user a much more flexible and cost-effective system in comparison to the original equipment.

The adapter offers the same interface to the SCM-TVN console as the original equipment or the suction cup series SCM from Schmalz. As a result, suction cups from the original equipment, the Schmalz suction cup series VCBL-S, and now also a combination of the adapter and VCBL-B can be>
Combined operation with the original equipment and Schmalz products is also possible.
Furthermore, the AP-S4 fits tightly to the vacuum block VCBL-B. It can be turned in 15 degree increments, which means all the suction cups can be positioned with different alignments. This feature gives you many more options for designing the clamping layout – and lets you utilize the entire clamping area of your workpiece. The adapter can remain on the machine when changing the vacuum blocks, which reduces set-up times. You can fix the suction cup in place with magnets and a round blank in the adapter before activating the vacuum. If the milling tool accidentally damages the suction cup, it is easy to replace. You do not have to replace the entire assembly, as is the case with the original.
You can simply change the damaged vacuum block suction plate. That reduces the cost of spare parts and minimizes downtimes.

For more information contact Mr Barbara Manzin, General Secretary::
Schmalz Srl Via Ticino 105 / I-28066 Galliate (NO), Italy / Ph. +39 0321 621510 / E-mail:

Head Quarter, contact Mr Ralf Moser: J. Schmalz GmbH
Aacher Strasse 29 / D-72293 Glatten, Germany / Ph. +49 (0)7443 2403412 / Email: