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Photo Datalignum taken at Fimma-Maderalia_Valencia 2022: Luigi Mario Puricelli Ceruti, CEO of Puricelli Group
Photo Datalignum taken at Fimma-Maderalia_Valencia 2022: Luigi Mario Puricelli Ceruti, CEO of Puricelli Group

20 May 2022


Its Italian soul and extensive experience on the international stage have been the driving forces which, since 1948, have led the Puricelli Group to innovate continuously, fusing the future with tradition, and set new standards for excellence in the design and production of high-pressure laminate panels.

There are two sides to the core spirit of the Puricelli Group. On one hand is a bold passion handed down from the founder of the company to his family, which has run the business ever since 1948, while on the other is an entrepreneurial drive that has led the group to grow over the years and become the major concern it is today. The Puricelli Group now consists of five subsidiaries.
Five production sites in the Mediterranean region, with established global business relations. A family-run multinational that has evolved continuously on the strength of its ability to penetrate the market and keep ahead of the times, investing in research and technology while remaining true to its Italian roots, as can be seen in the style and design of its products. Exclusive integrated technology
The Puricelli Group is one of the few producers with the production facilities and knowhow needed to handle the entire production process starting from the base raw materials. This integrated system is what truly sets the company apart from the rest: starting from the meticulous selection of raw materials, the process encompasses every step from the in-house production of the resins used to impregnate paper to the manufacture of laminates and all other types of surface.
Evolution of the group The Puricelli Group is now a multinational concern with five production sites and highly successful international commercial relationships. Progress in technology goes hand in hand with training and instruction of the entire workforce so that all personnel is fully capable of working correctly with new processes, to protect the health and safety of workers and the environment, and react rapidly to the evolving demands of the market. With its own coordinated research and development laboratory, design center and specialized technical department, the group is capable of responding to the specific requests of clients of any size, wherever their operations are based.

For more information contact Ms. Valentina Puricelli Ceruti:

Via Nuova Valassina 3
I-23845 COSTAMASNAGA, Lecco / Italy
Tel. +39 031 855051