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Guy Lacerte, Jérôme Lacerte, Colette Leblanc, Antoine Lacerte.
Guy Lacerte, Jérôme Lacerte, Colette Leblanc, Antoine Lacerte.

18 November 2021


Always create. It is our genuine commitment. Create decors based on principles of simplicity, boldness and efficient functionality, and a vision of elegance and comfort where the materials, the lighting and the textures are alive and harmonious, and speak the same language.

Our commitment to create often goes well beyond the spaces you live in, to reach your inner soul and the forces that drive you to succeed in creating a decor that tells your story. Decors that communicate a real concern for the environment, and that ensure a pure and prosperous world today, for a more peaceful tomorrow. Thermoform cares about the environment and contributes in protecting and respecting it.
Thermoform carefully chooses suppliers adhering to the high standards of CARB (California Air Resources Board), standards regarded as the leading norm in the furniture and building industry. A door is basically made of two main components: thermoplastic (PVC), for the aesthetic coating shell and MDF (pine fibre), for the core structure.
Thermoplastic (PVC), is a polymer compound manufactured without pollutant emissions, using a water-based adhesion process allowing for a manufacturing process that is also emission free.
Thermoplastic can be recuperated and is 100% recyclable. The cut-out leftover pieces from the manufacturing process are bundled and sent to a recycling facility. MDF is made of 100% recycled or salvaged wood particles, amalgamated using a preparation of resin, that can be urea formaldehyde free.
This EPP (Environmentally Preferable Product) certified medium-density fiberboard is certified to respect the standards and requirements that allow for collecting LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points and USGBC (US Green Building Council) environmental building credits.

For more information contact Mr. Guy Lucerte, CEO:

970 Théophile-Saint-Laurent
CA-J3T 1B4 NICOLET, Québec / Canada
Tél. +1 819 2938899