From left, Roberto Balella and Enrico Vandone.
From left, Roberto Balella and Enrico Vandone.

27 July 2019


The sale of products all over the world requires a highly efficient commercial organization, but in particular the sale of chemical products with an intended use like ALTON in the field of paper impregnation for laminates needs solid technical skill which in our staff can be found above all in pre and post sales technical assistance service provided by Mr. Enrico Vandone and Mr. Roberto Balella in charge of our technical team.

They both spend hundreds of working days in our customers’ companies in order to solve quality problems on the appearance and performance of laminates and optimize the process in its chemical and mechanical fields.
Thanks to the many years spent as impregnation manager in the most important Italian Groups, Enrico and Roberto have developed in depth expertise that represents their and Wiz’ strong point in the world.
Not just competence but also great availability, sympathy and humanity characterize their activity and WIZ wishes to pass on to its customers these distinctive features in order to establish a relationship and cooperation that goes beyond the technical side!

*Mr. Enrico Vandone, who is part of our staff since 2013 and has been working in the world of laminates for thirty years, has long been responsible for impregnation in the Italian group SIT Saviola and for over a decade in plant manufacturer Tocchio to install impregnation lines everywhere in the world.

*Mr. Roberto Balella has been in WIZ from four years after having spent twenty as responsible for impregnation in Trombini and Confalonieri Group companies.

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