The factory Hexion in Edmonton, Alberta/ Canada.
The factory Hexion in Edmonton, Alberta/ Canada.

18 May 2019


The world of engineered wood continues to evolve and change. New advancements in technology and chemical science have advanced the use of wood as a building material. Wood is a renewable and abundantly available raw material. Sustainable reforestation management practices ensure the carbon cycle continues. Lifecycle assessments show wood buildings require less energy from resource extraction through manufacturing, distribution, use and end-of-life disposal and are responsible for far less greenhouse gas emissions than other building materials such as concrete or steel. With today’s manufacturing and enabling resin technology, 100 of sustainably harvested wood can be used to produce high-quality products, be recycled and used for renewable energy production.

Hexion is a global leader in making today’s homes and buildings safer and more sustainable. Our resins and adhesives are the key to transforming wood veneer, fibers and strands of lumber into engineered wood like plywood, OSB, flooring and I-joists. Thanks to Hexion, every tree that enters a mill can be used to its maximum potential. Since the last Ligna in 2017 Hexion has continued to expand its global breadth and reach and build on past activities and products. br>An expanded technology center recently completed at the Hexion forest products complex in Edmonton, Alberta produced results for strand and fiber board customers in Canada and around the world.
Founded to develop the next generation of adhesive technology for panel production, the new facility has been focused in two primary areas: higher throughput core resin solutions for oriented strand board (OSB), and renewable raw materials such as lignin to replace petrochemical-based ingredients.

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