Aerial view of the Magnago plant.
Aerial view of the Magnago plant.

19 May 2019


Flai Srl was founded in 1964 thanks to the passion and commitment of its President, Mr. Pio Tosatto, and is engaged in the surface treatment business for stainless steel press plates for presses . The company, always attentive to the needs of the market, is well known in the industry for its continuous investments in innovative technologies and for the development of creative processes that ensure flexibility in processing, while maintaining the true craftsman's painstaking attention to the product quality demanded by its customers.

Throughout the years Flai has developed into an important business that continues to expand and is able to satisfy the most diverse demands in the field of high pressure laminate (HPL), chipboard and MDF: Flai became the leading Italian supplier in 1974 of steel press plates processed with chemical etching, achieving depths of even more than 500 micron; in order for Flai to maintain its competitive edge, it made an important investment in 1994, integrating the process with press plate surface chroming. Starting in 1998, Flai also introduced the processing of sheets finish in-register for the lam-flooring industry.
Flai mainly processes tempered stainless steel sheet AISI 410, well known for its hardness, (this type of steel was developed by Avesta, today known as Outokumpa) and/or AISI 630. Flai is the only company on the market able to produce High Gloss press plates completely free from polishing directional marks or fine lines, with a gloss level of 650/680 points. Through ongoing research Flai has developed, to date, over 3,000 different finishes and is the preferred supplier of special finishes, including, since 1996, the popular finish with a glossy and Supermatt effect. The company recently developed a special slope surface finish, which required special effort in terms of technology and creativity. Today, Flai’s market share has reached 80% of the Italian industry for HPL, chipboard and MDF; about 50% of the production is exported, primarily to the European and Asian markets.
Flai is able to rework sheets in their original finishes or transform them with new finishes: the maximum processing size is 6700 x 2500 mm. Aware of the interconnectedness between the company and the environment, Flai uses a management system that is especially attentive to the health and safety of its employees and the community: the processes and behaviours are geared towards systematic and effective compliance monitoring to protect the health of the community and the environment.
The entry into operation of the new plant, in addition to being a confirmation of what has been said, is a development topic for better work and customer service.

For more information contact Mrs Luisa Armiraglio, Sales Office:

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