Flat Lamination Light Weight
Flat Lamination Light Weight

13 February 2019


Production lines will be running live to demonstrate the advantages and uses of Kleiberit’s HotCoating technology, including high-gloss and super matt finishing for wood-based boards, and the roll-to-roll coating method.

Also on show will be an inline digital printing line that can print inline and subsequently ‘hot coat’ in a single pass – a method that Kleiberit recently enhanced in cooperation with machine manufacturer Huser. The system’s compact integrated digital printer is worth a special mention.
Embossed structures are also possible, thus opening up completely new opportunities for paper manufacturers, relating to profile wrapping and surface lamination. In future, paper laminations up to a width of 1.60m will be possible. Wide printed and coated papers hold substantial potential for the furniture industry – manufacturers can laminate large surfaces and coat edges in one go with Kleiberit’s technology – as well as the flooring sector.
Luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) are currently in high demand and flooring manufacturers are calling for materials that are printable up to 2.10 metres and also have very abrasion-proof coating, a super matt finish and can be reactivated in a short-cycle press. Such papers provide a ‘soft touch’ finish that also has excellent acoustic properties and can even be embossed with deep structures. A major advantage of the HotCoating technology is that the extremely low glossiness of the super matt surfaces is achieved by physical means – which offer numerous other benefits alongside preventing glossing– rather than with chemical matting agents. KLEIBERIT’s adhesives unit will also be showing interesting applications and solutions, such as: The Future of Flat Lamination – Lightweight, highest surface quality, excellent processing! Kleiberit PUR hotmelt adhesives create new possibilities for manufacturers of innovative components for the wood, furniture and construction industries. Particularly noteworthy is the unmatched resistance against heat, cold, and water influences as well as the tremendous bond strength. Especially in the production of furniture components with thin foils, top surfaces are achieved under the best processing properties.

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