"Silk" model by Minotti Kitchen.

18 December 2018


The history of Minotti Kitchen started in 1949 in Valpolicella (Verona). In its first 20th years the company, founded by Adriano Minotti, manufactured doors, windows and furniture.

In the 60s the entrepreneur noticed, and thus specialized on, a new and increasingly sector-oriented market: the kitchen environment.
For nearly 30 years Minotti Kitchen manufactured modern kitchens following the traditional model of American kitchens. At the beginning of the 90s Adriano Minotti passes the company management on to his son Alberto who in 1999 changed the style and market positioning of the brand Minotti Kitchen. Alberto identified a design path defined as “Mediterranean minimalism” and “essentialism”. It is also particularly responsive to the local context where stones are treated and cut. Today, Minotti Kitchen is part of Asso Group that was established in 1988 and has been working for almost 30 years in the shop fitting industry, manufacturing and selling furniture for retail stores.
Alberto Minotti Biography
Born in Verona in 1965, Alberto Minotti, since childhood, has been breathing the air of the family business, Minotti Kitchen created by his father Adriano fifteen years earlier. At a young age Alberto enters fully into the family business alongside his parents in the production of modern kitchens, characterized by great technical quality and a contemporary taste.
Starting in 1994, he begins to design autonomously, inserting into the product line those personal interpretations that will bring Minotti Kitchen to be what it is today: that is, a production characterized by the concept of "visual silence". An interesting meeting at the end of the 90s with Palmalisa Zantedeschi, who shows him a book on minimalism, opens Alberto's eyes to the world of stone and that will push him to look for collaboration in 2003, with the architect and friend Claudio Silvestrin, designer for minotticucine of Terra; one of the most popular models of the range and presented for the first time in porphyry and labranite in 2005, in Piazza Diaz in Milan. At the same time as these important style changes, the company distribution system goes from multi-brand to mono-brand. Thus they open single-brand stores in London, Moscow, Chicago, Tokyo, Milan, Paris, Cologne and Verona; they will amount to thirty only a few years later. In 2008 Alberto Minotti receives the “Marco Polo” award, while in 2013 he meets Giovanni Venturini, thus starting his collaboration as designer and artistic director for Asso Group, that today is the owner of Minotti Kitchen.
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