Fabrizio Azzimonti, Managing Director of Orma Macchine. Photo Datalignum
Fabrizio Azzimonti, Managing Director of Orma Macchine. Photo Datalignum

07 January 2019


Since more than forty years Orma Macchine operates in this field and, more specifically, in the wood panel one: from the classic solid wood to the latest agglomerate wood surrogates. Plants and equipments are designed and manufactured accordingly to clients’ specific needs. Since its establishment Ormamacchine has chosen to specialize in the press designing and engineering.

The Company history reflected into the range of machines today in production. We start from the economic presses in cold and hot version which were and are used in many workshops, all over the world. Rising higher we meet a complete series of heavy duty cold presses which can be used in the large scale production both of doors and of laminated panels. The wide range of platen sizes, openings and working pressures make this series very useful in all productions where the cold process is a must. These presses can be organized in line of production adding all these equipments which allows an automated handling of panel cleaning, glue spreading and loading/unloading. Then we pass to the series of hot presses. The standard production foresees a wide range of platen sizes, type and number of platens type of heating and pressures. These variables can be modified and arranged so to match any possible customer’s needs. These presses can be equiped with systems of loading/unloading to get partially automated lines. At the top there are the through feed lines type LCC.
The core of these lines is the press body where all innovative technologies find place as far as bearing structure, hydraulic system heating and moving systems are concerned. Apart from the standard features these lines can be customized so to be used in a large variety of applications.
The degree of automation can be chosen according to the customer’s needs (investment and space availability) and according to the type of production. At the top of this series we find the Short Cycle through feed lines for melamine impregnated paper. A particularly interesting series of machines is the membrane presses, field in which Orma Macchine is holding a prominent position both for the extension of the range and for the number of machines sold all over the world. All the plant are PLC controlled, which allows to set all the working functions in the display and to be connect with Orma Macchine after sale department.
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