27 April 2018


Laboratory Mattoni is a real laboratory where we develop prototypes and test various materials. Inside there is a design studio where the executive part is transmitted to the artisans, to have a careful control in order to obtain a final result of high quality and without limit to the designer’s imagination.

In the Laboratory we have metal working, carpentry and solid surface processing, upholstery, glass, marble, paint, resin, combined in the same place allow executive achievements and without limit to the imagination of the designer. These artisans, both old and young, while preserving tradition, have opened up to modern and cutting-edge technological innovation For years the Mattoni Laboratory has been committed to combining technological innovation and design, our craftsmen create modern custom-made kitchens of great value without neglecting their true functionality, we combine high-quality materials with advanced and ecological materials, we use innovative treatments and the best technologies to make each kitchen a unique piece of furniture with an inimitable design.  
Our kitchens are in fact design elements for a everyday use that enhance your living space. We create different kitchen models that can be custom made in every single part. Our kitchens integrate technology and home automation: electrical Hard Top movements, moving elements, lifting mechanisms, LED lights are merged in our kitchen design. All these hi-tech elements will blend in your living space. Our kitchens are different because they are all hand-made by our Italian craftsmen. In fact, all of our models are thought for both INDOOR and OUTDOOR use. Technological Solutions The technology used in our kitchens show the latest trend and search for technological innovation. It all starts with our need to combine something innovative with the idea of craftsmanship with an eye on the future. Lifting and sliding electrical mechanisms allow an intelligent use of space and high functionality.  
LED lights and TV set can be remotely controlled. This is the very technological core of our units. Our aim is to integrate perfectly style and home automation in a very easy and smart way. Every of our pieces of furniture light up your living space in a unique way. We choose every appliance with extreme care: they are essential elements for every functional kitchen. Our kitchens integrate state of the art cooking and refrigerating systems to grant reliability and an incredible cooking experience.  
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