NEW MAFELL cross-cutting systems KSS 50cc and KSS 50 18Mbl

23 November 2017

NEW MAFELL cross-cutting systems KSS 50cc and KSS 50 18Mbl

MAFELL is presenting two new cross-cutting systems: the KSS 50 cc and the KSS 50 18M bl. The premium supplier can now claim the most extensive range of single-handed cross-cutting systems on the market, encompassing seven mains-operated and cordless machines with a cutting depth range of 40 to 82 mm (1 9/16 – 3 ¼ inch). The cordless version of the MAFELL cross-cutting system is the first to feature the latest LiHD battery technology delivering 99 Watt-hours (Wh) of electrical energy.

Precision, safety and ease of use are further enhanced by the unprecedented, intelligent LED lighting system of the new MAFELL cross-cutting systems.
The LED system automatically adjusts the light intensity depending on the brightness and reflectivity of the workpiece. As a consequence, the operator always has a clear view of the pointer and sawblade, free from both glare and shadows. When switched off, the two LED spotlights are integrated in the guard,
practically out of sight. When the machine is switched on, the LEDs are activated. They continue to illuminate the work for 10 seconds after switching off.
If the saw is set down and then moved again within 5 minutes, the lighting comes on automatically.

For more information contact Mr Marco Pfisterer:
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