Welcome to Bruzaholms Bruck, Sweden

15 June 2017

Welcome to Bruzaholms Bruck, Sweden

AB Bruzaholms Bruck is one of the leading European manufacturers of wear parts for asphalt and concrete mixers.

Bruzaholms Bruk has been manufacturing castings since the 19th century, a fact which proves our know-how.
Today we exhibit a highly mechanized machine moulding foundry, specialized in wear and heat resistant castings.
More than 75 % of our production is exported, including Germany. In order to stay ahead as a European supplier of castings Bruzaholms Bruk has invested heavily in its production facilities annually during the last 15 years.
For more information:

AB Bruzaholms Bruk
SE-570 34 Bruzaholm / Sweden
Ph.+46 381 20180
E-mail: info@bruzabruk.se