Haluk Yildiz, Kastamonu Entegre CEO.
Haluk Yildiz, Kastamonu Entegre CEO.

17 May 2017

Kastamonu Entegre acquired the Italian Trombini Group

Kastamonu Entegre, the global player of the wood based panel sector, owner of 16 factories in the country and overseas, is preparing to add Italy to its production map as the result of the investment made in May. Together with this last investment, Kastamonu Entegre’s foreign investments exceed 800 million Euro in total.

Kastamonu Entegre purchased Gruppo Trombini, founded in year 1962 at Ravenna in the Northeast of Italy which had two particleboard facilities, one at Pomposa with a capacity of 480 thousand cubic meters per year and another one at Frossasco/Turin with a capacity of 320 thousand cubic meters per year , making in total a annual capacity of 800 thousand cubic meters. Kastamonu Entegre, whose target is to get a 20% market share in Italy, will start running these facilities in year 2018. Kastamonu Entegre’s CEO, Haluk Yildiz, who pointed out that the purchasing negotiations had started during the first quarter of year 2017, said: “We continue to increase our global scale production capacity. By having purchased the third largest particleboard producer of Italy, we have added Italy to our investments in Romania, Bulgaria, Bosnia- Herzegovina and Russia. Hence, our foreign investments reached a total amount of 800 million Euro”. Yildiz, who emphasized that Italy, the center of fashion and design, is the fourth big furniture producer of the world, said: “The size of the Italian furniture market is 26.3 billion US Dollars and the amount of furniture exports is about 13.8 billion US Dollars. As one of the biggest producers of the world, we are proud of being a producer in Italy where we have been exporting until now. We wish that this acquisition which will mark a new jumping point for our company, would be beneficial for our sector and our company.”
About Kastamonu Entegre Kastamonu Entegre which was founded in year 1969 under the edifice of Hayat Holding established in year 1937, started production in its first facility, the Particleboard Factory at Kastamonu, in year 1971. Its annual production capacity as of year 2016 was 2.4 million cubic meters MDF, 2.6 million cubic meters particleboard, 70 million square meters laminate flooring, 19.5 million pieces door panels, all in total 5 million cubic meters of wooden panels. Kastamonu Entegre Ağaç Sanayi, who reached a consolidated turnover of 1 Billion Euro in 2016, of which 400 million Euro were from overseas operations, besides being the sector leader in Turkey, it is also the 4th in Europe, the 7th in the world in this sector. Kastamonu Entegre has 16 production facilities, of which the local ones are at Gebze, Kastamonu, Balıkesir, Samsun, Tarsus and Adana, and the overseas ones in Romania, Bulgaria, Russia and Bosnia- Herzegovina. Kastamonu Entegre who is exporting to 96 countries, is employing 5 thousand 700 people. Kastamonu Entegre has certifications such as ISO 9001 Quality Management, OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management, ISO 50001 Energy Management, FSC ( Forest Steweardship Council) and for the Medepan brand products its has the TSE E0 Certificate and the CARB Phase2 (California Air Resources Board Phase 2) Certificate given by WKI, one of the most important accreditation institutions of the world, as wells as the Turquality Certificate. At Kastamonu Entegre production is made in conformity with the TSE and European Norms (EN).
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