Berndorf Band Group at Ligna, Hall 26 Booth C78

16 May 2017

Berndorf Band Group at Ligna, Hall 26 Booth C78

As the only manufacturer of textured steel belts for the continuous pressing of registered embossed surfaces, the Berndorf Band Group is committed to driving forward design and technology, and has been coming up with solutions to meet society's ever-increasing expectations for years. The production of top-quality, registered embossed surfaces on steel belts is possible thanks to the Group’s continuous investment in research and development and close cooperation with laminate manufacturers.

Using the latest generation of production technologies, the company can implement custom designs on endless steel belts to ensure consistent embossing quality. The Group’s belts have a reputation for outstanding precision for a wide variety of applications, including the production of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) used in the furniture and laminate industries, as well as high-end surfaces for furniture, kitchen worktops and laminate flooring.
Berndorf belts are also used for the continuous production of oriented strand board (OSB), which is becoming increasingly popular in residential construction. As a full-service provider of everything to do with steel belts, the Group also offers its own specially developed equipment to refurbish belts used in the laminate industry, a process which helps to extend belt service life. Refurbishment can almost fully restore the gloss of textured belts. The stainless steel belts are designed for use in double belt presses. The Berndorf Band Group’s latest innovation is the modular double belt press for composite materials, which stands out for its flexibility. The modular design facilitates custom set-ups of the various modules, meaning production facilities can be enlarged, reduced or reconfigured as required.

For more information contact Mr Udo Ofenboeck, Sales Manager:

Leobersdorferstrasse 26
A-2560 Berndorf / Austria
Ph. +43 2672 800 319