Welcome to Daiken New Zealand

05 December 2016

Welcome to Daiken New Zealand

The year 2016 marks 40 years since the commissioning of the Ashley plant of Daiken NZ Ltd, home of Customwood. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the wide range of individuals and companies who have supported us over many years: our customers, fibre and resin suppliers, our staff, the local community and of course our shareholders. This site became part of the Daiken group in February 2009.

The depth of experience here will be complemented by the know-how, technical strength and human resources of the Daiken group and we look forward to moving our capability to a higher level as a result. In practical terms this will facilitate a transition from a high quality MDF to a product that will meet the highest international standards. To ensure that we can offer customers a competitive product we will be putting increasing resources into optimising uptime, yield and productivity. We will increase our sales into what is considered the most quality conscious MDF consumption market in the world, Japan. “Safe and Clean” is a critical guideline on site. From May this year, to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all visitors to our plant, we have embarked on a campaign to clean up the plant. A clean and safe manufacturing operation – the platform from which we will offer buyers the best MDF in the world. Everyone at Daiken NZ Ltd is focused on customer needs and to secure the highest ranking for customer satisfaction growth we are constantly looking to better our performance on quality, price and delivery.I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Masahiro Yamazaki
Managing Director

For more information:
Upper Sefton Road Ashley
NZ-7477 RANGIORA / New Zealand
Ph/Fax +64 33136819
E-mail: info@customwood.co.nz