ASMA AUSTRIA, manufacturing and processing of polyurethane elastomers.

27 September 2016

ASMA AUSTRIA, manufacturing and processing of polyurethane elastomers.

Asma was founded 1980 by Max Aspelmayr as one-man business, today family owned in 2nd generation, with actual at about 100 employees, is specialized in manufacturing and processing of polyurethane elastomers to high wear resistant coatings and tailor made technical products for industrial applications.
Head office and main plant in Weitra/Austria, subsidies and partners in Poland and Czech Republic.

Polyurethane processing tailor made. Asma want to present you the variety and possibilities of these plastic materials in processing or application. Casted or sprayed, machined, from single pieces to series, from gel-like to tough-hard. Common basis is always a material with outstanding mechanical properties: polyurethane – or short: PUR - Informations about Asma, the products, processing possibilities, about polyurethane elastomers in general and its applications.
- Wear-resistant coatings with polyurethane, on wheels and rollers, for industrial applications, from 1 gram to 3 tons per piece.
- Technical products from polyurethane, with high load capability, tailor mad for your application, casted in moulds or machined, from one single piece to series production.
- Abrasion resistant coatings for industrial applications in machines and plants, chemically bonded and casted or spryed onto metal surfaces.

For more information contact Mrs Christa Göschl:

Gmünder Strasse 229
A-3970 Weitra / Austria
Ph. +43 (0) 2856-5011

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