WHIRLPOOL-KITCHENAID Chef Touch: a revolutionary appliance, is a Sous Vide cooking system specifically designed for your home.

24 July 2016

WHIRLPOOL-KITCHENAID Chef Touch: a revolutionary appliance, is a Sous Vide cooking system specifically designed for your home.

It embodies to perfection of the new 2015 KitchenAid aesthetic for the major domestic appliances. A red medallion - engraved with the KitchenAid logo and the brand’s birth year – is the distinct mark placed upon the knurled handles that have been designed to guarantee a secure and firm grip. Why hide the magic of the creation inside your oven? The idea of enlarging the steam oven glass and highlighting it with chrome features lets you see inside.
Last but not least, a new, clear and user friendly White Display interface distinguishes all the three appliances, together with a precious badge bearing the KitchenAid logo, a distinguished raised-steel detail that will sign all your recipes.

Sous Vide cooking is perfect for you: whether you live alone and are used to portioning your meals, or with chaotic family for which fast and easily-ready meals are in order, or, you just want to cook like a great Chef. One of the 10 most popular global trends is the so called idea of “Eating right”: today more and more consumers are growing aware of the importance of healthy eating. The wellbeing plays an important role in life expectancy and life quality, and these facts are now mainstream: we are facing an increase in bio food consumption, as well as a growth of the "urban vegetables garden" or the continuous quest for local products ... Healthy eating is now a current tendency almost everywhere and the Sous Vide cooking is a brand new way to enjoy this at home. Sous Vide is a delicate, high-quality, low temperature cooking method. Fresh ingredients are put into vacuum-sealed dedicated pouches and cooked inside a steam oven at temperatures that never exceed 100°C. Lower cooking temperatures, together with vacuum-seal, preserve the water and the organoleptic elements naturally present in foods: the result is an amazingly tender, juicy, colourful, tasty and healthier dish.
Foods won’t lose their full flavour and natural moisture, and their texture will be enhanced. Until now, only the world’s finest restaurants had the capability to cook Sous Vide. Today you – who are seeking for the best ingredients and preserving them at the best conditions – have the possibility to be delighted by all the benefits that this cooking method gives, thanks to the exclusive . Chef Touch is composed of 3 appliances: Vacuum Machine, for food preservation using the Sous Vide technique; Steam Oven, for cooking and reheating food; and Shock Freezer, for rapid chilling and freezing.
They are all part of one sophisticated and stainless-steel column and work together in perfect synergy. Chef Touch is a precious ally for your balanced diet: the vacuum machine eliminates almost all of the air from the pouch, slowing down the biological and enzymatic activities of the ingredients. Moreover, this waterproof pouch prevents humidity, the most common cause of food decay, from seeping in. The food can be preserved up to 3 times longer, thanks to the limit of the bacterial proliferation and ingredient oxidation.
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