LIMAB SWEDEN: Laser and inspection systems for true dimensional measurements, since 1979

11 April 2022

LIMAB SWEDEN: Laser and inspection systems for true dimensional measurements, since 1979

Limab specializes in measurement systems for industrial applications to improve product quality and reduce manufacturing costs for customers.
Limab is a world leading, reliable and innovative company with over 43 years experience.

PanelProfiler is an in-process no-contact thickness profile measurement system. Having good control of panel thickness is essential during the manufacturing process. The PanelProfiler provides all the tools necessary to ensure that this can be achieved with minimum effort.

The system will alert operators immediately if the process is starting to drift out of control improving product quality and eliminating customer rejects. This powerful process monitoring system will also increase the production yield and save both material and energy.
The Panel Profiler uses the latest laser technology to measure using a no contact method. Providing very fast sampling rate of 2000 Hz and high resolution of 0.01mm (0.4 thou). This method has proved more reliable and much lower cost to maintain than older technologies based on contact measuring rollers. In addition there is the benefit of no product marking or compression. The laser sensors are installed in our unique and temperature stable mounting frame that provides maintenance free operation with no need for regular cleaning of the sensors. Being non con-tact there is no need for frequent calibration even on high speed and continuous lines.
The laser technique ensures no blind spots with the full panel measurement edge to edge. The easy to use Windows based system software has an extensive set of functions. Real time graphs in both 2D and 3D for every panel, on screen alarm indications, trends, product library and user database. In addition production statistics are compiled and are displayed or printed on request. The system has over the years proved its capacity in many types of panel production facilities including numerous presses, both single and multi-opening types, after sanders and in other finishing lines.

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