GRASS install the drawers Vionaro in the kitchen furniture Dica/Spain.

25 October 2018

GRASS install the drawers Vionaro in the kitchen furniture Dica/Spain.

With its new drawers system, Vionaro, Grass ushers in a new era for systems with concealed slide systems.
The integral cubist-inspired solution consists in a combination of an extremely slender drawers sides design, and technology from red dot award winning Dynapro.
The widely renowned slides system, millions of examples of which have already been sold, with its three-dimensional adjustability, is noteworthy for its outstanding carrying capacity (up to 60 Kg) and fully synchronized movement.
Wide space furnished with the Series 45 with doors in laminated Olmo chocolate combined with Piedra MI. It is a very comfortable distribution, where the dining space is integrated into the kitchen.
The design with the shape of "L" facilitates the work. The first tall unit hides the integrated fridge and it is followed by the pantry, the ovens and the blind corner. The corner has been solved with this blind corner unit designed to keep the cleaning utensils and products. It is also equipped with all the necessary accessories to have all well organized.
The base furniture have all the details: electronic opening in the sink module, cutlery holders, dividers...
The wall furniture has the space to store all the dishes. The decorative module brings lightness to this area and it is the perfect space to leave kitchen books and spices. The wall unit with integrated hood is designed to maximize every hollow. Under the wall furniture a decorative steel bar has been placed to hang utensils, the kitchen paper...
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