Hotel Experience Design: Designing Hotel Common Spaces -  3/7 July 2007- Milan

03 April 2007

Hotel Experience Design: Designing Hotel Common Spaces - 3/7 July 2007- Milan

Poli.Design -Consortium of Politecnico di Milano- has established the first course of high standard training in "Hotel Experience Design" (che that will be held in Milan,Via Durando 38/A), the new specialisation for architects and designers interested in planning the new common spaces, the reception and Hotel Entertainment.
This first edition will be centred on the topic of the Lounge Bar & Lobby spaces.

Innovation-oriented professional updating
The Course in "Hotel Experience Design" widens and completes Poli.Design's educational offer, which is aimed at a permanent updating of professional competences and a continuous scientific confrontation with the main innovation, product and system issues.
A course of high standard specialisation and professional profile The course of High Standard training in “Hotel Experience Design” is reserved to 30 participants.
It will be a critical and formative course and will focus on all aspects concerning planning: interior design, furniture, new materials, role of lighting and sound devices, the evolution of the market and new trends.

Specialised lecturers and state-of-the-art professionals
The teaching staff includes the most successful Italian designers in the hospitality field, high-profile lecturers of Politecnico di Milano, who will be in charge of the planning, design and furniture section, and a number of experts who will focus on entrepreneurial, technical and sociological topics, for a complete view over the sector.