Fifth Short Course on Block copolymer-based nanomaterials - Santiago De Compostela  Spain - March 25-29, 2007

02 October 2006

Fifth Short Course on Block copolymer-based nanomaterials - Santiago De Compostela Spain - March 25-29, 2007

Organised by European Center of Nanostructured Polymers (ECNP) Consorzio Interuniversitario Nazionale per la Scienza e Tecnologia dei Materiali (INSTM) - Italy
Universidade de Santiago de Compostela - Spain
The European Network of Excellence (NoE) NANOFUN-POLY established in June 2004 with funding from the European Commission has promoted, through the recently created European Center for Nanostructured Polymers (ECNP), the organisation of Short Courses and Congresses on Nanostructured Materials.

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The aim of the congress is to gather the young European polymer scientists and to promote discussion among junior researchers, and between junior researchers and established scientists.
Who should attend?
Participation is open to industry and university researchers.
Oral presentations will be given by PhD students and young scientists, both from academia and from industry, having finished their PhD courses since a maximum of 4 years, whom research interests cover all the different aspects of synthesis, fabrication, characterization and structuring of polymeric nanomaterials and nanocomposites, as well as their applications.

Abstract submission from Young Scientists
An abstract (maximum two pages including figures and references) must be submitted to the organisers ( within December 15th. Abstract received after this date will not be accepted. Acceptance of the abstract will be communicated within the end of the year and give rights to present the work as an oral presentation (no poster sessions are foreseen).
Each author will have 20 minutes (including discussion) to present the work.

Relevant interest in nanosciences and nanotechnologies as new tools for developments in the European industrial sectors as well as for the creation of new nanotechnology-related industries has arisen only in the last few years. During that time, new methods for synthesis (combinatorial chemistry combined with high rate characterization methods, controlled radical polymerisation, supramolecular chemistry, etc.), processing (surface patterning, self-assembling, intercalation, etc.) and characterization techniques operating at different scales (atomic force microscopy, scattering techniques, etc.) were developed, leading to the creation of new and innovative devices and objects from nanostructured polymers and their nanocomposites. The availability of these tools and the necessity to further develop and spread knowledge to propose environment-friendly strategies, required for the production of polymer-based nanocomposites, justifies the creation of a research consortium by networking well-recognized inter disciplinary European research teams.
The Fifth Short Course will focus on a fast-moving sector such as block copolymer-based nanomaterials. All stages from synthesis, characterization and self-assembly to nanostructure fabrication and applications are covered through a multidisciplinary approach which aims to provide vital reading to materials scientists and engineers, chemists and physicists alike.