A moment of Stefan Zipf’s conference at the EPF in Dunblane/UK. Photo Datalignum
A moment of Stefan Zipf’s conference at the EPF in Dunblane/UK. Photo Datalignum

13 September 2019


What will machines for the production of wood-based panels look like in 20 years?
Stefan Zipf, head of the Wood business unit at Eppingen-based machine and plant manufacturer Dieffenbacher, addressed this question at the EPF Annual General Meeting on 26-28 June 2019 in Dunblane, Scotland/UK.

Before taking a look into the future, he first took a look back and noted that, for example, the development and rapid spread of smartphones was not predictable 20 years ago. Today, on the other hand, it comes as no surprise that a machine manufacturer like Dieffenbacher also offers its customers mobile apps for their plants. Similarly, it is still not possible now to predict with certainty what the world will look like in 2039.
Although it is certain that many plant components will continue to hold potential for optimization in the near future, as can be seen from the newly developed HCOS High-Capacity Oscillating Screen or the EVOjet M 2.0 glue saving system, in general the focus of development is no longer only on the machines, but rather on digitalization. Dieffenbacher sees digitalization as an instrument to achieve even greater customer orientation. The company is aware that the development is only at the very beginning.
"Whatever may come our way from a technical point of view," says Zipf, "also in 2039, a trusting and cooperative cooperation between equipment supplier and customer will be the key to success."
At the end of his presentation, Zipf appealed to everyone involved in the value chain to work together more closely. This is the only way to make a good forecast for the year 2039.
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