10th edition of the Conference Rencontres Filière Bois in Namur /Belgium, Friday 20 March 2015.

12 March 2015

10th edition of the Conference Rencontres Filière Bois in Namur /Belgium, Friday 20 March 2015.

Presentation of the conference
For the 10th time, some 350 participants interested in forest and wood products (company owners, policy-makers, students, consumers, etc.) will gather in Namur to attend this yearly meeting, which has meanwhile become the place where new trends appear and developments are initiated.
Representatives from all subsectors of the forest and woodworking industries will present analyses according to a set scheme. In first instance, key figures will allow the participants to better grasp the size and development of the subsector concerned. Each speaker will then identify 3 tendencies or events, which most impacted the activities of his subsector in the course of the last decade. Forest management, harvesting, mobilisation, sawn wood, panels, furniture, construction elements, packaging, joinery, trade, paper, energy production, education, etc., nothing will be forgotten!

The woodworking industries in the Walloon Region
33% of the Walloon territory is covered by forests. 7.800 companies deal with forest management and valorisation of forest products. 19.000 direct jobs are generated by these activities in the Walloon Region. Green economy, sustainable development, short-circuits, etc., the woodworking industry is a key sector for the Walloon Region.

About the Walloon Economic Office for Wood
The Walloon Economic Office for Wood is operational since 2012. It was set up by the Walloon Government with the essential mission of creating favorable conditions for the economic development of the wood sector in Wallonia. It has been tasked to build and drive a development strategy for the valorisation and use of wood.

Practical details
Date: Friday 20 March 2015, from 9.00 until 13.30.
Place: Namur, Belgium (Bois & Habitat).
Address: Avenue Sergent Vrithoff 2, 5000 Namur /Belgium.
For registration, go inside the web: www.rfbois.be

For more information contact Mr François Sougnez
Tél +32(0)8446 0349
E-mail: f.sougnez@oewb.be