Wood-Technology Conference in Zagreb/ Croatia.

23 June 2014

Wood-Technology Conference in Zagreb/ Croatia.

Wood-Technology conference represents the central event of the Croatian woodworking industry and forestry.
The first Wood-Technology Conference was held in Zagreb on 2-3 June 2004; then, as well as today, the main objective of the conference was to assemble the representatives of the manufacturing, retail, academic and institutional sector in the field of forestry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing.
As an initiator of key processes in the sector, each year, the Conference offers an abundance of current relevant data and market movements in this sector, in Croatian and countries of the SEE region.
The Conference is also recognized for its interactive and innovative activities, which give the participants an opportunity for active contribution, whether it is plenary lectures, panel-discussion or specialized workshops.
Therefore, the Wood-Technology Conference is the best way for every participant to contribute to creating the woodworking sector policy.

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