3rd International Conference of Forestry Training Centres - 6-8 June 2011 Ossiach (Austria)

16 May 2011

3rd International Conference of Forestry Training Centres - 6-8 June 2011 Ossiach (Austria)

Forestry training in European countries within the next 10 years How to tackle the major challenges during the crisis and beyond?

The launch of the pan-European association of forestry training centres.

- The official launch of the European Forestry and Environmental Skills Council (EFESC) which will be the organisation to manage and maintain skills and competence certificates for forestry.

- The accreditation of training centres for delivering European certifications of competencies recognised by the forestry sector.

Addressing the future challenges with practical actions

- Funding issues, public support, quality of forestry training, meeting forestry sector needs, technical requirements, common understanding of challenges and threats and recommendations. What is the role of the training partners, including entrepreneurs, industry and the forest owners? How can training centres meet the international reality?

- Recognition of competencies at a European level: Examples of new European Certificates of Competencies (chain-saw users and forestry entrepreneurs).
- Pan-European skills and competence certification under the umbrella of EFESC.Come to Ossiach and help ensuring that future certificates will meet the needs of forestry and environmental services.

- Advantages of partnerships with manufacturers of forest machines: Example of a partnership presented jointly by a training centre and machines manufacturers Valmet/Komatsu, Pfanzelt).

- The traditional marketplace: Exploring new ways of working through European programmes.