entire overview of all suppliers of bio-based plastics and composites!

11 November 2010

entire overview of all suppliers of bio-based plastics and composites!

In spring 2011 iBIB2011 the very first international directory of major suppliers of bio-based plastics and composites will be published.

Bio-degradable bio-based plastics, permanent bio-based plastics, bio-composites, wood plastic composites, green additives.

Who can join?
Suppliers of renewable raw materials (RRM), bio-based plastics and composites and green additives can join along with engineers, associations, R & D and consultants. The cost of a double page in iBIB2011 (company profile and product portfolio incl. an online database entry) is only 1,000 Euro. For research & development, consultants and associations a single page starts with only 700 Euro. Save 10% through our early bird registration which ends on the 30th of November. See http://www.bio-based.eu/booknow for more details.
The deadline for registration is on the 15th of January 2011, and will be published on the 15th of March 2011.
The expected scope is 300 pages with 200 world wide leading companies, associations and R&D from more than 20 countries.

Worldwide connectivity for suppliers and customers
The international business directory iBIB2011 will enable industrial suppliers and customers to reach out with one another. New markets such as bio-based plastics, composites and green additives are mostly based on 'insider-knowledge' and therefore lack transparency. This in turn harms the steady growth of the sector. In order to deal with this issue, iBIB2011 will help firms to find the best bio-based solutions available worldwide.

An international market - Reach more than 20,000 clients
The market for bio-based plastics and composites continues to grow in a double digits manner and has now gained an international status. The iBIB2011 will contain information about major companies, associations and R&D from every continent. The world wide leading associations on bio-based plastics and composites from America, Asia and Europe are already part of the iBIB-network.