Technical Workshop on Forest Types - Bordeaux, France, 19-21 May 2010

29 April 2010

Technical Workshop on Forest Types - Bordeaux, France, 19-21 May 2010

The European Forest Types Workshop is only three weeks away from now. There is still the chance to register. Donít miss this opportunity! For more information, click on the link below.

The main reason for introducing the forest typesí concept into Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) assessment at the pan-European level is to provide information on the variation in European forests with regard to natural conditions, functions, management and environmental challenges.
The UNECE/FAO Timber Section, Forest Europe (formerly referred to as MCPFE), the European Environment Agency, and several other organisations have worked to develop a new representative and applicable system of more elaborated forest types.
The proposal for European forest typesí classification that has been developed by international experts and coordinated by the Italian Academy of Forest Sciences served as basis for this new system. The new European forest types are expected to enable more ecologically sound data interpretation on forest condition at the pan-European level than the system applied until now. More information about the classification (original 2006 Version and later modification) as well as the pilot reporting can be found here.

The reporting process for the State of Europeís Forests (SoEF) 2011 will be used for pilot reporting according to the new forest type classification. Due to the demanding and complex character of this subject, it was decided to organise a technical workshop to share experiences between experts. The objective of workshop is to examine challenges and propose solutions for the implementation of the new forest types.

Main Audience
National experts dealing with forest site typology, forest inventory and reporting are encouraged to participate in the workshop. The workshop is limited to 80 participants Ė you can find the inscription form here. Please send the completed form by 15 April 2010 to Ms. Camille Bonhomme