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04 May 2021


The human right to “safe and healthy working conditions” is recognized in the United Nations Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights. The collective and shared commitment on occupational health and safety is also strongly reverberated in the UN Sustainable development Goals 2030.

Over the years since the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work in 1998, safety and health have become even more elemental for both trade unions and employers. Dealing with the health and safety risks of the COVID-19 pandemic is the most recent example. The woodworking industry has a long tradition of close collaboration between employee representatives and employers to ensure healthy and safe working conditions for all employees and we are committed to keeping up these efforts towards workplaces with zero fatalities and where risks of occupational disease and accidents are addressed. Therefore, we encourage and support the recognition of healthy and safe workplaces as a fundamental right by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
A global consensus for such a change will encourage the application of best practices related to occupational health and safety and keep employees worldwide as safe as possible. It cannot be allowed that countries and companies seek competitive advantage based on unsafe working conditions.
Healthy and safe workplaces save lives. Signed in Brussels on 23 April 2021, by:
*Dr Paolo Fantoni / EPF Chairman
*Johan Lindholm / EFBWW President
*Clive Pinnington / EPF Managing Director
*Tom Deleu / EFBWW Secretary
General EPF has members in 25 EU countries and represents the manufacturers of particleboard, MDF, OSB, hardboard, soft-board and plywood.
The EU wood panel industry has an annual turnover of about 22 billion euro, creates over 100,000 jobs directly and counts more than 5,000 enterprises in Europe.
EFBWW is the European Trade Union Federation grouping 76 national free trade unions from 34 countries with members in the building, building materials, woodworking, forestry and allied industries and trades. The Federation's main task is to represent its affiliates in Europe and help them defend the rights and interests of the workers in the industries it covers.

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