IWPA Establishes New Voluntary Standard for Rotary Veneer and
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16 July 2010

IWPA Establishes New Voluntary Standard for Rotary Veneer and

The Board of Directors of the International Wood Products Association unanimously approved new voluntary IWPA Grade “Product Standard for Imported Rotary Cut Wood Veneer and Platforms.” This standard supersedes the IHPA “Product Standard for Imported Wood Veneer and Platforms” released in May 2000.
The newly adopted standard is the result of two years work by the IWPA Veneer Committee chaired by Bronson Newburger, Clarke Veneers & Plywood. The standard was approved by the Board during the Association’s annual meeting in April.
“It was time to do an overhaul,” said Newburger, vice president of Clarke Veneers and Plywood. “Taking into account that veneer faces continue to be thinner and thinner, we realized that adjustments to the standard had to be made.”
The new specifications establish minimum acceptable requirements for each grade, and reflect the current trend in the way veneers are being produced and used in veneer and plywood markets. “It’s a better explanation of what mills need to know in order to satisfy customers’ demand, and what users can expect from suppliers.” added Newburger. While the product standards are advisory, and compliance is voluntary, their consistent application is encouraged.
“IWPA standards are well-known in the industry and establish internationally recognized quality criteria for imported wood products,” said Brent McClendon, IWPA executive vice president. “Our board was thrilled that the committee wanted to take the standard further by including new language related to the U.S. Lacey Act. The Act assures U.S. consumers that their purchases are legal and responsible and allows them to increasingly specify and use imported wood products.”