WPR & TAKA picture: The names of the people are in the text.
WPR & TAKA picture: The names of the people are in the text.
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10 January 2019


WPR/TAKA is the only company in the world which offers a complete know-how, a one stop partner. WPR-TAKA don’t offer mere products but a 360° solution made of machines, hot-melt application systems, adhesives and the whole application process including quality control.

Our academy, which we officially present during Fensterbau, is a structure that unites the long lasting experience and the know-how of both WPR and TAKA. The core of the academy is to support customers with seminars, educational programs, tutorials, testing labs and R&D for new applications and products.
We’re also very proud of our exhibition machine, the Double Lateral NWD, for the simultaneous wrapping of 2 vertical sides of profiles made out of extruded PVC, ABS, PS etc. or metal, with flex paper, PVC foil or CPL laminate on coils. This system have been designed and developed by WPR in 2005 and represent 30% of our production, has an integrated control of all process parameters, adhesive and primer dosage, along with automatic temperature control as per RAL guidelines. The software allows to interface our machine with the client’s system, data can be downloaded and managed.
Current WPR developments aim to shift the responsibility of the quality of the final product from exclusively the operator experience and control to the electronic management integrated in the machine. TAKA adhesives are the most performing adhesives on the market, They surely have the highest hydrolysis performance with any type of foils. Our market share in window profiles lamination, which is of about 65% in any European Country, confirm that taka adhesives are the best performing ones. Fensterbau for us was a very exciting and satisfying experience, we could feel how the European economy is waking up and growing. The key factor was to be able to connect with companies around the world and offer them our 360° wrapping solutions.
In the picture, taken at Fensterbau 2018, from left to right:
Jeff Pitcher, USA Agent, Wrap Tak / Luciano Bigoni, Sales Director WPR / Franca Bajeli, Sales Director WPR / Andreas Smentkowski, Export Area Manager WPR / Witold Bieniek, Poland Agent ,Takapol / Javier Paz, Spain & Portugal Agent, Poliuretanos Adhesivos / Jan Antal, CZ & SK Agent, Agglu Technology / Peter Pavlacka, CZ & SK Agent, Agglu Technology / Santiago Paredes, Spain & Portugal Agent, Poliuretanos Adhesivos.

For more information contact Mrs Aixmar Prato, Marketing Department:
Via Indipendenza 10
I-31027 Spresiano / Treviso / Italy
Ph. +39 0422 911849
E-mail: a.prato@wpr.it