Haluk Yildiz/General Manager (left) and Naci Ferhat Gungor/Marketing Manager. Photo Datalignum
Haluk Yildiz/General Manager (left) and Naci Ferhat Gungor/Marketing Manager. Photo Datalignum
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14 November 2016


Founded in 1969 in Istanbul, as a member of Hayat Holding, with ongoing investments today, Kastamonu has a total of fifteen plants of which nine are in Turkey and six outside of Turkey. Kastamonu is ranking nr. 4 in Europe and nr. 7 in the world with total wood based panel production capacity (MDF + Particleboard) of 5 million m3/year.

Kastamonu first ventured outside Turkey in 1998 with the purchase of a state-owned panel board company in Romania during the government’s privatization program. Following the takeover, Kastamonu invested in the factory to produce US-type door skins. The plant today is equipped to produce 19.5 million pieces/year doorskins and is the third largest in the world. Dorpan is exported to more than 40 countries from Romania.
Dorpan panels produced with a wide range of model choices are supplied to the customers with double layer water based primer, which is suitable for all kinds of finishing paints and varnishes. Primer paint used has “antimetal marking” feature that prevents black metallic scratches which may occur during the production. In places where lack of space is a problem, easy solutions are achieved in room divisions and wardrobes with bi-folded Dorpan panels. Glass can be applied to panels when more light is needed in the room. Dorpan has exceptional durability and unique dimension stability.
No delamination is observed subject to changes in atmospheric condition.
Four main reasons provide the basis for the success of our DORPAN:
• Selected good quality wood as raw material,
• High performance production with high-tech. machinery and equipment,
• Well-trained specialists,
• High product quality and reliability for our customers.
DORPAN’s range of interior molded door facing provides all the beauty of solid wood with no disadvantages; it has the beauty of wood without knots and imperfections. DORPAN doors offer the most modern and esthetic look, while it keeps the traditional familiar look and feeling of a well-crafted wooden door. The material for doorskin production is high quality fresh wood. First, wood is debarked and chipped to certain geometry, in the next step; chips are defibrated resulting in wood fiber and then wood fiber is mixed additives and dried. After drying, mat is formed and placed into the multi layer press to produce doorskins. After that, doorskins are cut to sizes and primed by water base paint. Sheets of doorskin are piled up on single-decked pallets. All packets, depending on client’s requirements and means of transport, are secured with foil and banded with plastic band. Production of DORPAN door panels are monitored in detail in all production phases and whole process, starting from debarking is performed in automatic lines supervised by high qualified personal in order to reduce variation of errors to a very limited level.
DORPAN has an esthetic look with its texture of wood pattern with 18 different formed models and a plain model; Anatolia, Aspendos, Assos, Perge, Simena, Side, Patara, Efes , Hitit, Artemis, Sumela, Olympos, Smirna, Truva, Bergama, Patara, Myra, Sara, Patras .
For more information contact the Marketing Manager, Mr. Ferhat Naci Gungor:

Altunizade 25, Mahir Iz  / TR-34662 USKUDAR / ISTANBUL / Turkey
Tel +90 216 5543000 / Fax +90 216 4740064 / E-mail: ncgungor@keas.com.tr